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Snowy mountain peak – Phil Moore

Forensic accounting for impact and resilience.

Do Good Faster helps fund transformational action inside your business using forensic accounting.

Accelerating change that matters.

Our Mission

Do Good Faster’s mission is simple: to help organisations create operating models, vision and strategy that matches the scale of challenge ahead.

Our Goal

Our goal is to identify lost revenue, then accelerate sustainability action with recovered money.

Orange sand dune – Fernando Paredes-Murillo

How We Work

Reclaim lost revenue, achieve real goals.

We find errors in payments, contracts, and property, reclaiming lost revenue.


Then we help you accelerate strategic change within your organisation using recovered funds.


£1.5 million

For every £1 billion in spend we recover £1.5 million

90 days

Results achieved in 90 days

100% returned

All of our clients recovered funds

Forensic accounting: your key to change that matters.

Our forensic accounting approach is underpinned by three core principles:


Expect to uncover £1.5 million for every £1 billion of procurement or spend.


Contingency-based model means you only pay for the benefit you get.


Within 90 days, we expect recovered funds to start arriving in your accounts.

People hiking up a hill – Fabrizio Conti

Our Partners

Elevating excellence with Broniec Associates.

Our collaboration with Broniec Associates, a global leader in forensic accounting, supercharges our ability to identify and reclaim lost revenues.

Extensive experience

Operates in over 90 countries

Remarkable client retention rate

Exceptional service delivery


We’ll recoup as much as £1.5 million per every £1 billion in turnover.

Risk-free assurance

Do Good Faster and Broniec Associates carry the risk, making the decision to proceed with us quick and easy for the clients. We’ve returned funds for 100% of the clients we’ve worked with, so the risk is small for us too.

If you allocate a portion to your sustainability budget, (we suggest 20% for initial efforts) to changing your pathway to the future, we’ll connect you to the best-in-class experts to help you activate your goals.

How We Help

Transformation-as-a-Service (TaaS).

“This isn’t just recovered funds. It’s a new profit center for growth and for good.”


Misty blue mountains – Daniel Sessler

Three peaks of possibilities.

We bridge the gap between today’s pressures and tomorrow’s response and provide the necessary resources to catalyze meaningful shifts.


Peak resilience 

33% of leaders say that board-level capacity is a barrier to net zero progress*. We can create conditions for system-scale change by bringing partners and stakeholders around the table in new ways.


Peak insights

Climate risk is business risk*. We help leaders and teams shine light on places, ideas and business actions that offer new possibilities for action.


Peak response

77% of the workforce are not actively engaged at work*. We provide the tools and knowledge to respond with minimum disruption or reduction.

Why future proof your organisation?

Investing in climate and sustainability is not only vital for the planet but also for your organization’s success.

Access to capital

Companies that focus on and follow ESG practices find it easier to raise capital. 

Capital Monitor

Return on investment

Companies managing for climate change see a 18% higher ROI than those who aren’t.

Gitex Impact

High profits

Companies focused on ethics, climate, and labor practices in their supply chain are 3-4 points more profitable. 

Bain & Company.

Brand attractiveness

91% of consumers seek sustainable brands, 87% want to do more about climate change, and 85% have switched to more sustainable brands. 

Climate and Capital Media

Strong performance

Companies with high ESG ratings outperform the market in the medium and long term.

McKinsey & Company

More stability

Companies investing in carbon reductions see a 50% lower volatility of earnings and 21% stronger dividends.

The Guardian

Image by Paul Pastourmatzis

Change must start now.

Action for climate and nature can be transformed by fresh, bold insights and the budget to boost new projects. We ask that our partners commit a minimum of 20% of recovered funds to make that happen.

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